Black Gold Innovations

About us

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Black Gold Innovations (BGI) co. is an oilfield, product, equipment and service Company providing high quality cost-effective engineered well completion equipment and services to the oil and gas industry in the Iran and select international markets. Recruiting skilled and proficient engineers that have been worked in various well completion industries for years, this company has been acquired the technology of and domestic design production of down-hole completion equipment for oil and gas wells.

BGI provides for customers comprehensive range of fully integrated “Completion Systems,” which package and integrate equipment, products, processes, procedures and programs to provide a combination of best-in-class and fit-for-purpose products and services.

BGI has been recruited specialists in design, manufacturing, quality control, project control and planning and is ready to supply complete down-hole completion equipment in highest quality.

Though the main range on productions of the company consist of both Baker Hughes and Halliburton types, Black Gold also is ready to provide other types of completion equipment in the same class. In order to provide Localized and fit-for-purpose production that meets customer needs, BGI design team is qualified to redesign available productions to acquire specific technical requirements in functioning, strength and corrosion resistance performance, as well as to preserve the consistency and interchangeability with other original types.

BGI has all of facility for installation services their own tools and equipment.