Black Gold Innovations

Fluted Swage / Fluted Adapter

Fluted Swage Adaptor


BGI’s Fluted Swage are customer specified thread adapters of short length which has six axial slots on the equipment’s body to place control line at suitable angle and fix it to the string above the subsurface safety valve landing nipple up to the surface. Fluted design allows fluid circulation to be performed properly.


Technical Specification
Tubing size 5” / 7”
Max. OD. 6.000”/8.500"
Drift size 4.256”/6.164"
Casing Size 7” / 95/8
Pressure Rating 7000 psi / 5000 psi

Key benefits


  • Available in customer-specified thread


  • Well finished and smooth internal diameter


  • 6 slots at every 60o ensures control line protection in every fastened angle