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Shifting Tool

Positioning Tool

Shiftingtools are used to move the inner sleeve to its open or closed position in Sliding Side-Door circulating devices. The shiftingtool engages the recess in the upper (or lower) end of the inner sleeve to permit the sleeve to be shifted by a jarring action. The tool is designed to release itself only after the sleeve reaches its fully open or closed position. This automatic-releasing feature incorporates a releasing profile on the key itself that acts to compress the key spring and release the positioning tool. A shear pin is an added feature designed to release the tool in the event well conditions make it impossible to shift the sleeve.


Technical specifications


Tubing size

4.5” / 5.5”

Max. OD

5.500” / 6.500”

Drift size

3.785” / 4.677”

Profile size

3.688” / 4.562”

Pressure rating

6000 psi

Temperature rating


Key benefits

  • Automatic locating


  • Proof of completed shift


  • Emergency release feature


  • Adjustable shear release values


  • Common thread connection – allows any combination of wireline prohibitive tools to be attached to it