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Running / Pulling Tool

Running Pulling Tool

Running/Pulling Tool is a basic wireline device which connects a wireline tool string to a wireline retrievable flow control device that is to be run into or retrieved from a well. This Running/ Pulling Tool is designed to engage an internal type fishing neck. The tool is offered in a wide range of sizes.


Technical specifications              


Tubing size

5” / 7”

Seal Bore size

3.812” / 5.950”

Drift size

2.126” / 3.267”

Max. Setting depth

1000 ft.

Opening pressure

+1200 psi shut in pressure

Pressure rating

6000 psi

Temperature rating




Key benefits


  • Easy retrieving system


  • Compatible with various types of Lock Mandrels


  • Can be utilized as Running Tool as well as Pulling Tool


  • Can be utilized for pulling out subsurface safety valves using X-prong Extension