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Separation Sleeve (Lock Mandrel Included)

Seperation Sleeve











Instrument Hanger

Separation Sleeve when attached to an appropriate lock is a wireline retrievable tool used to isolate the control line port of Safety Valve Landing Nipple. Its packing units are placed in upper and lower seal bore and prevent wellbore pressure and contaminants to pass through the control line. Separation Sleeve also has a nipple profile and polished bore to place blanking plug during the completion tests.



Profile Type


Profile Size





API L80 Type-13Cr


H2S as per NACE MR0175

Working Pressure

5000 psi

Packing Material

PTFE Carbon

Temperature Rating

280 F


Instrument Hanger

Instrument Hangers are utilized to land and lock geophysical instruments in the string. It is attached to a lock mandrel and is placed in a compatible seating nipple.