Black Gold Innovations

Sub Surface Safety Valve (3SV)


BGI safety valves may be supplied with a BGI lock mandrels, or as a subassembly with adapter to a standard lock. When safety valves are assembled to a safety valve lock, the model designation is expanded to include the lock and the safety valve nipple into which it is landed.

Technical Specification
Tubing size 5” / 7”
Seal Bore size 3.812” / 5.950”
Drift size 2.126” / 3.267”
Max. Setting depth 1000 ft.
Opening pressure +1200 psi shut in pressure
Pressure rating 6000 psi
Temperature rating 200°C

Key benefits


  • Strong and reliable closure system


  • Fully fitted for sour service


  • Equalizing system ensures easy opening process


  • Low-friction sealing system facilitates both opening and closing cycles


  • High pressure – high temperature service is available by reliable Packing system