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Tie Back Seal Assembly

Tie Back Seal Assembly Main

Tie Back Seal Assembly Main




Tie Back Seal Assembly Seals

Tie Back Seal Assembly Seals

The complete liner hanger system has been qualified under simulated wellbore conditions under axial loading, compression and at wellbore temperatures to V0 ISO 14310.



Max OD

8.353” (212.17 mm)

Min ID

6.000” (152.4 mm)


5.995” (152.273mm)

Premium connection

7” 26# Vam Top HC Box

Assembly length

16.1 ft (4.9 m)

For Bore ID

7.244” (184.51 mm)

Temperature rating


Pressure rating

7,500 psi (517 bar)

Burst pressure

9,993 psi (689 bar)

Collapse pressure

7,512 psi (518 bar)

Compression limit

586,000 lbf (2,509 kN)

Elastomer material


Number of elastomers


Snapping force

20,000 lbf ± 10%

Latching force

20,000 lbf ± 10%

Specifications based upon 28% Cr 110 ksi material. Material changes are available upon request and may alter specifications.