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GTK AS is a Norwegian technology company within the Oil- and Gas Industry. We are specialists on engineering, design and production of down-hole tools and solutions, having our main focus on completion, intervention and P&A.

GTK AS was established in February 2005 as an engineering company solely focused on the development of innovative technology. Down-hole completion and intervention were the main fields of specialization, and different products were designed and patented already during the first year. In April 2006 a new company, i-Tec, was established as a spin out from Well Innovation in order to focus on the commercialization of these products.

Today GTK AS maintains the focus on down-hole technology, and we understand the value and the importance it provides as part of an optimized well-bore architecture. Our aim is to create the missing piece which can lead to improved well performance, increased well safety, extended well life, and in the long run, improved cost efficiency to the operator.

We develop ideas and fulfill them from concept to creation, and further to commercialization. This could be internal or external ideas and concepts regarding well-bore technology for the oil- and gas exploration and production industry. Well Innovation believes that ideas should be unleashed. Please contact us if you have an idea with great potential that require the know-how and resources to be taken further. We could be the missing piece you are looking for.

Some of GTK AS 's products are listed below: